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27 February 2015 Last updated at 10:55

Urban birdsBirds on a feeder (c) Jill Packenham

Take part in a garden bird survey to measure the effect of light pollution BBC News

red-necked phalarope'Unique' bird migration discovered

A tracking device which weighs less than a paperclip helps scientists uncover one of the world's great bird migrations. BBC News

Visitors at Attenborough Nature ReserveVisitors flock to see rare bird

A rare bird usually found in Central Asia and Africa is discovered at a nature reserve in Nottinghamshire. BBC News

British bird news

  • A greenfinch's wing is measured as part of the ringing processHelping hand

    Wildlife volunteering is a rewarding way of giving back to wildlife

  • A robin in an apple treeGood gardens

    Top tips to make the most of birds visiting your garden

  • SparrowSave Our Sparrows

    How we can help our declining house sparrows to flourish.

  • Kestrel with talons out coming to land on preyBirds of prey

    Discover some top tips on how to identify UK birds of prey.

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British birds in detail

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