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Take a trip through the natural world with our themed collections of video clips from the BBC's natural history archive.

Explore the vast array of wildlife video clips through the eyes of our presenters and film makers, and learn about different aspect of wildlife film-making.

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Sensational summer wildlife Sensational summer wildlife

The summer brings with it a host of amazing opportunities to get close to the incredible wild neighbours on your doorstep. Enjoy the spectacular summer visitors such as osprey and basking sharks that arrive to the UK each year or perhaps simply sit back and enjoy our beautiful butterflies flitting around. Explore the miniature world of rockpools or just watch the drama of garden birds fledge and grow up in your local park.

The BBC's Summer of Wildlife website has all sorts of useful and interesting articles such as what to feed wildlife; where to see summer meadows; top tips for improving your wildlife photography; ideas for wildlife holidays and much more.

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  1. African Wildlife African Wildlife

    Sir David Attenborough's Africa series took over four years to make and has brought us eye to eye with the continent's...

  2. This is Planet Earth This is Planet Earth

    Narrated by Sir David Attenborough Planet Earth was the ground-breaking series that explored the wild and beautiful parts of our...

  3. Nature: Behind the Scenes Nature: Behind the Scenes

    The BBC has been producing ground-breaking wildlife programmes from across the globe for over 50 years.

  4. Attenborough's frozen planet Attenborough's frozen planet

    Frozen Planet is Sir David Attenborough's latest exploration into the remote and isolated polar environments.

  5. Deadly dinosaurs Deadly dinosaurs

    More dinosaurs have been discovered in the last two decades than the past 200 years.

  6. Baby Animals Baby Animals

    With Ooh's and Ahh's galore this video clip collection celebrates a world of adorable animal babies.

  7. Seaside spectacular Seaside spectacular

    When it comes to summer holidays, there's no better place than the seaside and if you know where to look you'll be surprised at the wildlife you can find.

  8. Nature's record breakers Nature's record breakers

    Animal kingdom record breakers - how fast can a cheetah run, how heavy is an elephant and what's bigger than a dinosaur? Watch amazing video clips from the BBC...

  9. Garden wildlife Garden wildlife

    From badgers to butterflies and frogs to foxes, garden wildlife is both varied and surprising.

  10. Jonathan Scott: a wild life in Africa Jonathan Scott: a wild life in Africa

    Jonathan Scott's unique style brings an emotional warmth and depth to the portrayal of African wildlife that has created some of TV's best-loved animal characters.

  11. David Attenborough's Madagascar David Attenborough's Madagascar

    Like nowhere else on Earth, the mystery and magic of Madagascar leaves a vivid impression on all those who visit, and none more so than David Attenborough.

  12. Life in slow motion Life in slow motion

    Slow motion filming techniques transform amazing wildlife moments into full scale events, and simple action into incredibly detailed video sequences.

  13. Garden birds Garden birds

    Nestcam close-ups, expert identification guides and specialist wildlife cameras give a privileged view of a very British obsession: garden birds.

  14. George's marvellous minibeasts George's marvellous minibeasts

    A video collection featuring bugs and insects in amazing close up selected by insect expert and TV presenter George McGavin, with Goliath spiders, killer...

  15. Wild autumn Wild autumn

    Autumn - a time of great change, of breathtaking migrations, of high drama.

  16. Timelapse photography: speeding up life Timelapse photography: speeding up life

    Some of the most memorable sequences in natural history result from timelapse photography, an astonishing filming technique that opens our eyes to a whole new...

  17. Going, going, gone Going, going, gone

    One third of known species are under threat - do they have more than a future on film? We've unearthed footage of some remarkable animals, plants and habitats that...

  18. Brilliant bees Brilliant bees

    Bees are amazing - not only do they fulfil a vital role in our ecosystem, they are one of the most complex and sophisticated living things in the history of...

  19. Wildlife wind-ups Wildlife wind-ups

    It's not only humans that like a good joke, animals play all kinds of tricks on one another in their attempts to gain an advantage.

  20. Year of the Tiger Year of the Tiger

    A video collection highlighting the tiger's plight and a celebration of their beauty and majesty. 2010 is the Year of the Tiger, a zodiac sign associated with...

  21. What on Earth...? 2009 What on Earth...? 2009

    Watch the year's highlights from the BBC's exploration of the planet's hidden corners and rarest creatures: from the turquoise seas of the South Pacific to the...

  22. The wildlife of Life The wildlife of Life

    In autumn 2009, a major new series brought us life as we've never seen it before.

  23. David Attenborough's favourite moments David Attenborough's favourite moments

    Watch the most memorable moments from an incredible career watching wildlife, chosen by Sir David from the BBC archive. David Attenborough's favourite moments...