Life in slow motion

Slow motion filming techniques transform amazing wildlife moments into full scale events, and simple action into incredibly detailed video sequences. The results are impossible to imagine let alone perceive with the naked eye. When a sequence filmed at a high frame rate (fps) is played back in normal time (24fps), the action appears to slow down. As camera technology improves, ultra high-speed footage of over 1,000fps produces ever more astonishing images. Hidden secrets are revealed, new science is discovered and tiny subtleties in animal behaviour become perceptible. Explore some of the most memorable and glorious super slow motion sequences of the natural world ever filmed.

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46 video clips in this collection

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Animals in this collection

  • Atlantic sailfish at sea Atlantic sailfish

    Atlantic sailfish are found in tropical and temperate parts of the Atlantic Ocean,...

  • Swallow flying low over grass towards camera (c) Jacky Stuart Swallow

    Swallows are

  • Tongue clicking bats roosting in a cave Bats

    Bats are the only mammals that truly fly, rather than just gliding.

  • Gold eyelash viper coiled on palm leaf Eyelash viper

    Eyelash vipers are arguably the world's most beautiful snakes - and one of its most...

  • A juvenile brown basilisk Brown basilisk

    Brown basilisks are one of the lizards nicknamed the 'Jesus lizard' for their ability to...

  • Grizzly bear standing in river looking for fish Brown bear

    Brown bears are some of the largest carnivores on Earth.

  • Bumble bee with tip of its tongue curled around a pollen dispensers (c) Martin Webber Bumblebees

    Vital pollinators of...

  • A sitting female cheetah looking alert Cheetah

    Cheetahs are found in sub-Saharan Africa and Northern Iran.

  • Profile of Clark's grebe Clark's grebe

    Clark's grebes were once thought to a lighter coloured variation or morph of the western...

  • Two bottlenose dolphins breaching (c) Alister Kemp Common bottlenose dolphin

    Common bottlenose dolphins are widespread, except in polar waters.

  • A hovering kestrel (c) Collin Shore Kestrel

    Kestrels are the most common bird of prey in Europe, although their numbers have...

  • Perching kingfisher (c) Mark Medcalf Kingfisher

    Kingfishers are one of Britain’s most interesting birds.

  • Common pheasant standing in snow Pheasant

    Pheasants are one of the UK's most colourful birds.

  • A hobby in flight (c) Mark Chivers Hobby

    Hobbies are the flying aces among falcons.

  • A flying fish leaping out of the sea Flying fish

    Flying fish actually glide rather than truly fly.

  • A gecko on a leaf Geckos

    Geckos are small lizards famous for their ability to walk up walls and other sheer...

  • A greater bulldog bat skims the water's surface as it hunts Greater bulldog bat

    Greater bulldog bats are one of only a handfull of bat species that primarily eat fish...

  • Juvenile great spotted woodpecker on a branch (c) Izzy Standbridge Great spotted woodpecker

    Great spotted woodpeckers are the most widespread and numerous woodpecker in the UK.

  • A great white shark swimming Great white shark

    Great white sharks are at the very top of the marine food chain.

  • Hippopotamus standing with a calf next to water Hippopotamus

    Hippopotamuses are found in Africa where they require habitats with water deep enough to...

  • A male and female broad-tailed hummingbird feeding on a musk thistle Hummingbirds

    Hummingbirds are a diverse family of over 300 species.

  • A mass of monarch butterflies flying Butterflies and moths

    Elegant and beautiful, butterflies and moths never fail to impress.

  • A pair of iguanas Lizards

    Since emerging from water millions of years ago, lizards have diversified into a weird...

  • Nile crocodile with jaws open Nile crocodile

    Nile crocodiles are the much feared reptilian predators of Africa's rivers and lakes.

  • Hovering gannet (c) Steve Everett Northern gannet

    Gannets are magnificent seabirds, whose British population occupies many of Scotland’s...

  • A female northern goshawk flying Northern goshawk

    Northern goshawks are strong, powerful

  • Olive baboon looking around Olive baboon

    Olive baboons are the most broadly distributed species of baboon, ranging through most...

  • Osprey in flight with fish (c) Chris Wilson Osprey

    Ospreys are some of the most widespread

  • A red kite diving (c) Steve Mackay Red kite

    The red kite is a striking bird of prey with deep red plumage, a grey head and light...

  • A rufous elephant shrew in Kenya Rufous elephant shrew

    Rufous elephant shrews are small mouse-like animals found on the plains, savannas and...

  • Alert stoat on woodland floor (c) Judi Mahon Stoat

    Stoats are completely white in winter, except for the black tips of their tails.

  • Triceratops drinking at a pond Triceratops

    Together with the bony frill behind its extraordinarily large head, the three...

  • Verreaux's sifaka clinging to a branch Verreaux's sifaka

    Verreaux's sifakas are tree-dwelling lemurs of the Madagascan forests.

  • European dipper jumping on to a rock Dipper

    Dippers have evolved a superb ability to hunt underwater.

Habitats in this collection

Adaptations in this collection

  • Green sea turtle swimming underwater Adapted to swimming

    Adaptations for swimming enables animals to move around in water.

  • Courtship display

    Courtship displays are performed by animals seeking to advertise their willingness to...

  • Arctic tern in flight Adapted to flying

    Flying, in its true sense, is the ability to move through the air under your own power...

  • Long-beaked common dolphins circling a sardine baitball Predator

    Predators are creatures that catch and kill other animals for food.

  • Grizzly bear running through water Adapted to running

    Running and walking evolved as a method of getting around when life emerged from water...

  • Greater horseshoe bat flying at night towards camera Echolocation and ultrasound

    Ultrasound is high frequency sound that's above the range of human hearing.