Jonathan Scott: a wild life in Africa

Jonathan Scott's unique style brings an emotional warmth and depth to the portrayal of African wildlife that has created some of TV's best-loved animal characters. Born in Berkshire, England, Jonathan has spent most of his adult life living and working in Africa, following an overland adventure that changed his life. Since the early 1980s he has shared his deep love and knowledge of African wildlife with a captivated TV audience, most notably in the long-running series Big Cat Diary. This collection pulls together some of the highlights of a career touched by some memorable animals.

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32 video clips in this collection

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Animals in this collection

  • Head of a African bush elephant African bush elephant

    African bush elephants are the largest living land mammals and the second tallest after...

  • African wild dog resting on the ground African wild dog

    African wild dogs form packs of up to 40 members, each with a dominant breeding pair,...

  • One banded mongoose peers over the back of another Banded mongoose

    Banded mongooses are native to Africa and distributed far and wide south of the Sahara.

  • Profile of a black rhinoceros Black rhinoceros

    Black rhinoceroses are about the same height at the shoulder as African buffalos.

  • Male wildebeest male resting in the grass Blue wildebeest

    Blue wildebeest form part of the largest remaining aggregation of large land mammals.

  • A sitting female cheetah looking alert Cheetah

    Cheetahs are found in sub-Saharan Africa and Northern Iran.

  • Male chimpanzee looking forwards Chimpanzee

    Common chimpanzees travel around the forests and savannas of central Africa on all...

  • Close-up of a sitting Amur leopard Leopard

    Its muscular yet graceful stealth makes the leopard a prize sighting on safari, but it's...

  • Portrait of a male lion sitting in the grass Lion

    Lions are the only truly social cats,...

  • Olive baboon looking around Olive baboon

    Olive baboons are the most broadly distributed species of baboon, ranging through most...

Habitats in this collection

  • A desert sand dune landscape in Namibia Desert

    Desert and dry scrubland describes any area that receives less than 250mm of rainfall a...

  • Acacia trees on the grassland of the Serengeti Tropical grassland

    Tropical grasslands include the savanna usually associated with Africa, and savanna-type...

Adaptations in this collection

  • Learning

    Learning is the process of picking up new skills.

  • Wildebeest migration in Kenya Migration

    Migration is the usually seasonal movement of animals in pursuit of food, suitable...

  • Long-beaked common dolphins circling a sardine baitball Predator

    Predators are creatures that catch and kill other animals for food.

  • Brown capuchin monkey using a rock as a tool to break open Brazil nuts Tool use

    Tool use was once thought to be a strictly human behaviour, but it is now known that...