Attenborough's frozen planet

Frozen Planet is Sir David Attenborough's latest exploration into the remote and isolated polar environments. This video clip collection is the culmination of Attenborough's unique experiences that span the decades, enabling him to reflect on the incredible fragility of an ever-changing world.

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47 video clips in this collection

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Animals in this collection

  • An Adelie penguin flaps its wings Adelie penguin

    Adelie penguins are found in the Southern Ocean round Antarctica.

  • An American bison bull American bison

    American bison are the largest land mammals in North America.

  • A fur seal in the snow Antarctic fur seal

    Antarctic fur seals are one of the eared seals from the same family as sea lions, rather...

  • A white-furred Arctic fox in the snow Arctic fox

    Arctic foxes live in some of the planet's most extreme conditions.

  • Arctic tern flying with fish in its beak Arctic tern

    Arctic terns are famous for undertaking the longest migration of any bird.

  • A beluga whale underwater Beluga whale

    Belugas come together in pods of hundreds and even thousands of individuals in the...

  • A group of earless seals on the shore True seals

    Earless seals, or true seals, are one of three families to belong to the seal...

  • Eurasian lynx walking through snow Eurasian lynx

    The Eurasian lynx is the third largest

  • Portrait of a grey wolf in a forest Grey wolf

    Grey wolves have long embodied the spirit of the wilderness.

  • Great grey owl hunting in the snow Great grey owl

    The great grey owl is a large, reclusive

  • Killer whale breaching Killer whale

    Killer whales are actually the largest species of

  • King penguin walking along the beach King penguin

    King penguins are extraordinary parents.

  • Close-up head portrait of a macaroni penguin Macaroni penguin

    Macaroni penguins form large, tightly packed colonies on flat or rough sloping ground.

  • A mixed herd of elephants, zebras and gazelles Mammals

    Mammals are a class of vertebrates characterised by warm-blood, hairy bodies, a...

  • A very large king penguin colony Penguins

    Penguins are an iconic family of aquatic, flightless birds.

  • Polar bear walking through wind-blown snow at sunset Polar bear

    Remarkable adaptations allow polar bears to live in the frozen

  • Snowy owl hunting for prey in winter snow Snowy owl

    The near perfect camouflage of the snowy owl's striking white plumage against the...

  • Snow petrels sitting on ice Snow petrel

    Snow petrels frequent Antarctica and the surrounding seas.

  • A southern elephant seal makes a threat display Southern Elephant Seal

    Southern elephant seal males weigh 8 to 10 times more than females, which is the biggest...

  • Wandering albatross in the water Wandering albatross

    Wandering albatrosses hold the record for the bird with the largest wingspan, with some...

  • Weddell seal lying on the ice Weddell seal

    Weddell seals were named after a British sea commander in the 1800s, Sir James Weddell...

Plants in this collection

  • Arctic poppies growing on Ellesmere Is. Canada Arctic poppy

    Arctic poppies are one of the most northerly growing plants in the world.

Habitats in this collection

  • The frozen winter sea ice and cliffs of the Canadian Arctic Polar

    Polar regions, found at the planet's northern and southern extremes, are the icy wastes...

  • A winter snow scene in Canada Taiga

    The taiga is the largest land habitat - a northern zone of coniferous forests,...

  • Alaskan tundra in autumn colours Tundra

    Tundra is the cold, treeless region around the poles that has permafrost as one of its...

Adaptations in this collection

  • Wildebeest migration in Kenya Migration

    Migration is the usually seasonal movement of animals in pursuit of food, suitable...

  • Green sea turtle swimming underwater Adapted to swimming

    Adaptations for swimming enables animals to move around in water.

  • A very crowded colony of king penguins Colonial

    Colonial animals live in large groups in close proximity to one other.

  • Courtship display

    Courtship displays are performed by animals seeking to advertise their willingness to...

  • Japanese macaque cuddling her two-week-old baby Maternal care

    Maternal care is where the mother of the offspring provides most or all of the effort...

  • Red-eared turtle hatching out of its egg Egg layer

    Oviparous animals lay eggs, inside which the young then develop before hatching occurs.

  • African wild dogs hunting Pack-hunter

    Pack-hunting is a type of predation where several members of a species combine their...

  • A male South American sealion with three females looking upwards Polygynous

    Polygynous sexual behaviour is the system in which a single male mates with multiple...

  • Wildebeest walking with a newborn calf Active at birth

    Active at birth, or precocial, describes species that are physically mobile and able...

  • Cold tolerant

    Cold tolerant organisms have evolved various methods for coping with very low...

  • Common dolphin with a newborn calf that is still showing foetal folds Viviparous

    Viviparous animals bear live young that have developed inside the mother's body.